Mermaid Bra: The Complete Guide For Styles, Options, And Uses

January 15, 2018

Mermaid bra

Alright Mer-Ladies! Let’s talk about your mermaid bra.

I recognize that your mermaid top is the second most important part of your Mer-sona! Tail being the first of course. So how do we go about picking the right one?

Well, it depends on what type of mermaid activities you are doing! For example. If you are learning how to swim in your tail or just playing in the pool, you don’t want a heavy seashell top. But if you are doing underwater photography, you might! What about parties, parades, or mermaid appearances?

Let’s talk about the different types and uses. Ready to dive in?

Mermaid Bra Options

Parades, Parties, Photography, Performances, Swimming, Costumes, Raves, and More

  • Silicone mermaid tops
  • Seashell tops
  • Shell shaped bra
  • Mermaid swimsuit top
  • Mermaid costume top
  • Seashell pasties
  • Belly dancing tops
  • Sequin bras
  • Mermaid rave top
  • Sequin crop top
  • Mermaid halter top
  • Sequin tube top
  • Starfish bra

Silicone bra

Mermaid Bra

Silicone bras are the most versatile professional top. Use these silicone top at any mermaid event. Silicone doesn’t sink or float so it’s great for water activities!  The design is actually a regular bra with silicone scales applied to create the illusion.  This way you have a comfortable fit without loosing your professional mermaid look.

The amazing thing about silicone is the customize-ability. Color, style, shape, you name it! The down side is they can be expensive! If you are a serious up-and-coming mermaid I suggest looking into this option.

Seashell bra

Seashell Bra

Next, we have the classic Seashell Bra. Search on Etsy and you see plenty to choose from.  This is also a  standard base bra, with shells and sequins attached with glue.  These also can be customized or even DIYed! Be aware, the more shells the heavier these puppies can get!

Shell bras are best for photography, and parades but not for swimming.

Shell bra

This is a great alternative to a heavy seashell or silicone bra. The shape of a shell, the feel of a bra.  A cheap option for those who don’t want to break the bank!

It can also has a draw string to help the ladies for some push up action. Seems very versatile for uses but maybe this one is just to feel like a sexy mermaid (?)

mermaid swimsuit top

A lot of you have mermaid fabric tails and just looking for a nice top to swim in. A mermaid swimsuit suit has the spandex polyester fabric that creates quick drying time.  They are not customize-able, but do have the shell shape and decently priced.

mermaid Costume top

You might be reading this post looking at tops for your Mermaid Halloween Outfit. Most will come with the costume but you can always buy separately if the top doesn’t fit like expected. If the plastic shells are intimidating for your (they would be for me) you can always go for a mermaid shirt with clam shells on them.

seashell Pasties

Would you dare? I personally haven’t used these, but have seen them used at mermaid parades. You are a brave mermaid to wear these!  I have also seen them at raves (just kidding, I am not cool enough to go to raves)

belly dancing mermaid top

I bet you didn’t think about this! Belly dancing tops are a great alternative for mermaid bras. They come in a variety of sizes and have plenty of bling needed to get some attention. Great for parades, parties, and mermaid appearances. Not so great for swimming.

Sequin Bra

A close alternative to the belly dancing top is the standard sequin bra. Not as flashy but still does the trick.

mermaid rave top

Need some alternative options? Ok! I Heart Raves has some alternative mermaid wear. Probably not appropriate for kid parties but raves and mermaid parades would work great! Not recommended for swimming or mermaid photography.

sequin crop tops

The sequin crop top adds the sparkle you need for parties or costumes. If you looking for a modest approach, crop tops cover more area of the chest and stomach areas.

mermaid Halter top

A halter top is very similar to the crop top but the straps go right behind the neck. I love the tassels!

sequin Tube top

Last sequin option I promise! Tube tops might have gone out of style in the 90s but might be nice for a mermaid top. Great for parties or parades, you wear your favorite strapless bra under the sequin tube top and you are good to go!

Starfish bra

Starfish Bra

My favorite alliterative. Starfish bras are a thing! Made over a nude bra gives the illusion. Great for any mermaid event, photography, and even swimming!

Did I miss any? Comment below and let me know if there is a brand or style I need to mention here on the post.

Photo by B.C. Lorio Mermaid Parade  

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