Mermaid Cake Topper: For Every Event

January 26, 2018

Mermaid Cake Topper

Who’s ready to party?!?!?!  If you need some good mermaid party ideas I have “a few” you can use! However! Let’s talk about a mermaid cake topper. What kind of party are you throwing? Let’s check out some options here.

  • General mermaid cake topper
  • Mermaid birthday cake topper
  • Little mermaid cake topper
  • Mermaid wedding cake topper
  • Mermaid baby shower cake topper
  • Mermaid bridal shower cake topper

So! Dive in and figure out what will work best.

General Mermaid Cake Topper

Mermaid cake topper

There are plenty of silhouette mermaid toppers to choose from. This one is my favorite and looks stunning on any cake. I like how she is “sitting” on the cake. You can even make the frosting look like an ocean sea bed, beach or rocks!

Mermaid Birthday Cake Topper for Kids

Mermaid cake topper

Give the topper a number to make the birthday girl (or guy) feel special!

Little Mermaid Cake Topper

little mermaid cake topper

Fan of The little mermaid? ME TOO! Doing a little mermaid themed party gives you a lot of options for party supplies online. Colors and decorations will not be hard to find.

Mermaid wedding cake topper

mermaid wedding cake toppers

True confession. These are my favorite. A fun way to show off your “inner mermaid” at your wedding without having to go all out.

mermaid baby shower cake topper

 mermaid baby shower cake topper

If the wedding cake topper didn’t melt your heart, this one will! Expecting a little mer-babe?  Adorable mermaid cake toppers that celebrate a new life coming to earth.

Bridal shower mermaid cake topper

bridal shower mermaid cake topper

These are the hardest to find, but how fun would a mermaid themed bridal shower be?

Thanks for visiting and good luck with your party!

mermaid cake topper


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