Mermaid Fabric: For Your Sewing Adventures

January 11, 2018

Mermaid fabric

What kind of mermaid fabric are you looking for? Before we start, let me tell you about the 4 main types. The first and most popular is the mermaid sequin fabric mainly used for mermaid pillows. Next is the spandex and polyester kind. This fabric is mainly used for swimsuit, mermaid tails, or mermaid legging material.  Next you have the cotton fabric that is used for clothing like pajama pants or baby blankets. Last but not least is fleece which has multiple types of print and used for mermaid blankets.

Let’s get started! Below is a list of fabrics covered in this post.

Mermaid Fabric for your sewing adventures

  • Mermaid sequin fabric
  • Mermaid scale fabric
  • Little mermaid fabric
  • Mermaid print fabric
  • Kids mermaid print fabric
  • Mermaid fleece fabric
  • Mermaid cotton fabric

mermaid sequin fabric

Mermaid sequin fabric is better than therapy (from my own opinion). Strangely addicting, the sequins are double sided and change color as they change direction.  Usually used for mermaid pillow fabric, but can be used for other things like purses, backpacks, and even tails! The hardest part is figuring out which colors you want!

mermaid scale fabric

Scale fabric is made from a polyester/spandex mix. Great for mermaid leggings or swim suits! Some “Mers” will use this fabric to make their own fabric swimming tail.  Very impressive! Comment below if you have sewn your own tail!

little mermaid fabric

little mermaid fabric

Oh Ariel! The Little mermaid that started it all. Does your little girl want a blanket or some PJs with Ariel on them? Some fun and colorful options to choose from.

mermaid print fabric

These mermaid print fabrics are more “artsy” and can be used for almost anything. The possibilities are endless!

Kids mermaid print fabric

So cute! Possibly a baby blanket or some bed sheets with this stuff?

mermaid fleece fabric

Mermaid fleece fabric can get really warm so make sure you are sewing for cold weather items! Fleece is mainly used for sweaters, PJ pants, but best of all mermaid tail blankets! Easy to sew, a mermaid blanket is a great way to express your inner mermaid during the winter time when you can’t dip your feet into the water.

mermaid cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is a given but I wanted to include some really fun illustrations to help get the creative juices string!

I hope this post is helpful! Comment below and let me know what mermaid sewing project you are making!

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