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November 6, 2017

Mermaid Necklace Blog Post

I’m on a roll! I recently did a post on Mermaid rings and couldn’t help but gravitate to another accessory, the mermaid necklace. I prefer wearing necklaces to rings so this works for me! This post is dedicated to finding the perfect mermaid necklace for you. The categories I found are:

  • Mermaid Image Necklace
  • Mermaid Font Necklace
  • Scales and Tails Mermaid Necklace
  • Shell Shaped Necklaces
  • Seashell Necklace
  • Puka Shell Necklace
  • Mermaid Tear Drop Necklace

Let me know which one you like the best!

Mermaid Necklace


Swimming Mermaid

Most pendants are in a vertical shape, so this style is fun with the chains attached to her hand and tail. Makes it look like she is swimming away.

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Long Brass Antique Mermaid Pendent

Ghostly mermaid figures on this pendant will need a closer look.  What are they doing?

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Gold Circular Pendent

A curious mermaid admiring a precious gem floating in the water.

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Hanging Mermaid

Hang on for dear life! Creative how the designer uses the arms to attached the chain. I love her long hair and green accented tail.

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Tear Drop Mermaid

A tear drop shaped mermaid pendant. Feels very feminine and delicate.

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3D Mermaid

This 3d mermaid will look good at any angle. The curve of her hair and tail produce and esthetically pleasing infinity shape.

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Mermaid Font Necklace

Vertical Mermaid Pendent

A 2 inch vertical pendent with anencryption is a great accessory to “stack” with other necklaces.  Great idea for a mermaid gift!

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Horizontal Mermaid Pendent

If they don’t like vertical, how about 1.25 inch horizontal pendent?

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Inscription pendents 

Other wording or inscriptions are out there, just require a little more digging.

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Scales and Tails Mermaid necklace

Brass Mermaid Tail Pendent

Tails can easily be confused with a whale or a fish tale so be careful if this is the style you are going for. Understand people might mistake it as a fish/whale tail.

This one represents a mermaid better than most. Comes in silver!

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Glitter Mermaid Tail Pendent

Customizable! Pick any color glitter you want with this necklace.  Starfish optional. How fun!

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Tribal Cow Bone Mermaid Tail

Hand carved cow bone mermaid tail.  This pendent has a tribal feel to it. Any mermaid surfers out there?

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Mermaid Scale 4 Piece Locket Pendant 

This mermaid picture locket opens up to 4 frames to put your loved ones, and keep them close to your heart.

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Mermaid Scale Pendants

You will see this style in a lot for any Mermaid jewelry. I love that they have shiny scales and come in a variety of colors, I don’t like that they feel cheap. Not to discourage you from buying, but I personally wasn’t impressed with the quality.

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Splash Jewels Mermaid Scale Pendent 

Splash Jewels came out with a sterling silver mermaid necklace.  You can even get matching earrings!

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Shell shaped Necklace

Clam Shell Pendent Necklace

Shell shaped pendents are a great way to promote your inner mermaid. So many fun ideas with different shells!

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Golden Locket Clam Shell Necklace

What would you keep inside of this locket?

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Geometric Clam Shell Pendent

I am super into geometric shapes as you can tell from my logo.  A fun modern mermaid look.

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Chambered Nautilus Pendent

This is the shell the Ariel (in the little mermaid) surrendered her voice to. It is also a beautify shell

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Flat Chambered Nautilus Pendent

The same shell but flat. The details are worth noting. How pretty!

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Lace Murex pendent

One more shell shape for you! I feel that the clams, and Nautilus are the most common shell for jewelry but there are others out there!

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Seashell Necklace

Hebrew Cone Shell 

Here was have actual seashell and not metal shaped pendants. They mostly come with some gold melted onto the shell for sharp corners or to attach the chain

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Gold Cowrie Shell Necklace 

A simple Cowrie shell necklace is a subtle statement for your love of the ocean.

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White Shiva Eye Shell Pendant

Round pendants are prevalent in jewelry.  The detailed swirl is symbolic of the sea.

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 Dove Shell Pendent

The gold detail with this necklace is on point! I love that it swirls up the shell and surrounds the outside opening.

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Nesha Cowrie Shell Macrame Necklace Hippie Boho

Does this seem overload to you? Probably for everyday use but would look killer if you are doing a photo shoot. Almost like a warrior mermaid. What do you think?

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Puka Shell Necklace

Puka Shell Necklace

These were so popular back in the day! Any Mermen out there looking for jewelry?

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Puka Shell Pendents 

This is a more feminine look with Puka shells picked from Hawaii and covered in 14K gold.

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Mermaid tear drop necklace

Blue Mermaid Tear Drop Necklace 

These are drops of glass with a slight blue and orange color. This represents the sea and a sunset. A minimal way to carry the ocean with you where ever you go.

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Clear Mermaid Tear drop Pendent 

Similar to the pendant above, this is a clean dainty mermaid tear that will literally match with anything you wear.

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Did I miss any? Hopefully you found some inspiration on a mermaid necklace and take let your inner mermaid shine a little brighter.

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