Mermaid Shoes: For Parties, Parades, and Everyday Wear

January 18, 2018

mermaid shoes

Let’s talk mermaid shoes!

Us mermaids are so focused on our tails and tops, what about our human feet on dry land? Mermaid shoes can come in handy at different events like parades, costume events, and even weddings!

Mermaid shoes


Some are fabulously sparkly,  and some are decked out with seashells and little mermaid illistrations! So what are you looking for? If you haven’t decided yet I have some suggestions for you.

In this post I will cover the following.

  • Glitter shoes
  • Sequin Shoes
  • Mermaid shoes for adults
  • Glitter flats for mermaids
  • Mermaid shoes to stay away from
  • Little mermaid shoes for adults
  • Little mermaid shoes for toddlers

I start out with the high heel sparkly kind, so if you are looking for something more practical, keep reading!

Glitter shoes

Glitter shoes work as mermaid shoes AND everyday wear! Costume party, night out on the town, it’s all good! Although I probably wouldn’t wear them to a parade with all the walking… What do you think?

If you have an old pair of heels that are scuffed up or out of date, you can actually DIY them yourself! If done right, you don’t need to worry about glitter getting everywhere.

Sequin Shoes

For a more “mermaid scale look” sequins work great! Comes in about every color! Be aware that sequins can fall off over time. Especially the double sided kind. I recommend the flat sequins when it comes to shoes.

Mermaid shoes for adults


Mermaid shoes


Still not enough “mermaid” for you? Ok, I accept the challenge. Head on over to Etsy and check out the selection.  Any color, sequin or seashell you want! I see a lot of “mermaid wedding shoes” which would be really fun under the dress. We are always trying to sneak our inner mermaid in somewhere right?

These also work great for costume parties!

Glitter flats for mermaids

Ladies that don’t like heels! I get you! My max for heels is about 3 hours. I can do a full day of work with pumps (short heels) but nothing like the above! Here are some fun options for you if you need something for a parade where lots of walking is needed, or you just don’t want to bother with heels. You can look just as fabulous and hey! now you have sparkly flats!

Mermaid Shoes to Stay away from

Just trying to help a mer-sister out! I personally don’t like any in this section but hey, to each their own. Would you wear any of these?

Let’s move onto the little mermaid section. Not just our generation, but every generation after “The Little Mermaid” came out has been affected. An adventurous mermaid princess with a forbidden love? Yeah, we were destined to be obsessed.

Little Mermaid Shoes

If you LOVE Ariel and want to sport her on your shoes, go for it!  You can get vans, tennis, or slip on shoes to feel more “under the sea”

little mermaid shoes toddler

I wish I had something like this as a kid! These little girls don’t know how lucky they are!

Quick tips for finding the right foot wear

We know that the comfort of the shoe is almost as important as the look of the shoe! Here are five tips to think about before you purchase.

1. Finger width test – You should have a finger width distance between the end of the shoe and your big toe.  This gives you enough room that you toes will not push against the shoe when walking fast or going downhill.

2. Size matter – Not all brands are the same! When buying online, make sure there is an exchange period if you need to switch out for a smaller/bigger size. Also note WHERE they are being shipped from. Some places will take 6-8 weeks to arrive.

3. Have an outfit or event in mind – no use buying a shoe that you are not sure what to wear too!

4. Be nice to your feet! – Wear the shoes around the house for short periods of time so your shoes can stretch if needed. Carry around some mole skin if you feel a blister starting.

5. If you are shopping for shoes, try going after 5pm. Your feet slightly swell throughout the day. If you go in the morning, you could get a shoe that gets increasingly uncomfortable throughout the day.

Mermaid shoes


Happy shopping Mer-Babes!







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