Mermaid Tails and Discount Codes

mermaid tail and discount codes

Have you ever wondered “what’s the difference between all these fabric mermaid tails on the market?” You came to the right place!

My goal is to help you decide what swimmable mermaid tail is right for you. Each are different in their own unique way. Some have a monofin that works better for ocean diving. Others have a smaller monofin great for beginners and pool swimming.

The best part? I have some discount codes to use when purchasing.

If you don’t see your favorite mermaid tail below, let me know!



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Mermaid Kat






4.4 out of 5








4.8 out of 5








4.2 out of 5


MERMAID TAIL categories explaInED:

Mermaid tail Price

When shopping for mermaid tails, you don’t want to break the bank! However, you don’t want to buy a cheap mermaid tail just to have it break or rip in the first couple swims. It does happen! This category gages the price compared to the overall quality of the mermaid tail.

The average price of my Mermaid tail collection is about $119.  If the fabric of the tail and monofin are quality, this is a good price and will get 4 stars. A lower price will give them 5 if it is all around quality and a good price.

Mermaid tail Monofin

The monofin is a make or break for me. If you have a professional fin that is comfortable to swim in, doesn’t rub against your feet, and is easy to put on, you have a 5 star winner. Some come with adjustable straps and others have a fabric “once size fits all” sock fitting. My favorite monofin (currently) is the Suntails version. This was designed by the company for kids, is durable, comfortable and easy to put on. 5 stars!

mermaid tail Fit and Design

This section covers how well the tail fits (when on), and how well it is designed for inserting the monofin. A few things I look for is how high the waist line is, and how tight it is. Does it cut into my stomach making it uncomfortable? Does it stay put if I bend down or swim? Does the fabric look stretched in any areas or when the monofin is in place? Some mermaid tails have a zipper on the side and other you stretch the fabric around the monofin and secure in place.  The zippers are a nice quality,  but they can also break or rip more easily. The pull over method is good but sometimes you can see the end of the monofin poking out the bottom. Not the end of the world but take note if you are doing a photo shoot.

mermaid tail Fabric Quality

This category is gaged on the quality of the fabric.  Most mermaid tail fabrics are a spandex/polyester mix. This fabric should be thicker than mermaid legging fabrics.  If not, when stretched can become see-through, and possibly rip after a few uses. The pattern of scales and fluke is your own personal preference but I do love when they mix colors together. *Note: If the material has cotton in it, stay away. That will cause “drag” when you are swimming and take forever to dry.

mermaid tail Customer Experience

Part of your mermaid experience is how well you can interact with their website and customer service.  They could have a great product but if you struggle to find the product on the website, have your order missed or messed up, then can’t get a hold of anyone to replace, your perception of the company and monofin will be dulled. Luckily I have had great customer experience with all the tails I own.

Mermaid Kat Review Summary

Mermaid Kat Rates 4.4 out of 5

I love the “easy to use” design of the tail. Inserting the Monofin into fabric tail, and zipper aspect add to overall satisfaction. I recommend it for underwater free diving for adults that know how to swim. The monofin is quality, and the fabric is best suited for water. The realistic patter of the tail is esthetically pleasing and the cost is reasonable.

Note: With any other fabric tail and use of Monofin, the ankles will look different. Mermaid Kat F-ankles (Fin+ankle) are slightly thicker due to the quality and design of Monofin.


Suntails Review Summary

Suntails Rates 4.8 out of 5

Great tail if you are looking to buy! The monofin is comfortable as well as durable. The design and fabric are right were they need to be and the price is very reasonable. They have an amazing selection to choose from!


Mertailor review Summary


Mertailor Rates 4.2 out of 5 

The MerTailor EcoTail has great fabric and fits well. The colors are amazing! The monofin has a unique shape but is smaller and not as comfortable as others on the market. The monofin is also not as easy to insert but once on fits well in the fabric tail. It also has doubled up fabric at the end of the flukes to prevent tearing which is really helpful. The price is slightly higher so if you are looking to buy, it depends on what you are going for. For photography or pool swimming I think this is great choice! For ocean swimming, I would go with a larger monofin.