The Mertailor Discount Code

Mertailor Discount Code

The Mertailor Discount Code for 10% off:


*The Mertailor is going through some website changes so if this promotional code doesn’t work please reach out to their customer service.

*This discount code applies to all items except silicone tails and fantasy fins.


Mertailor Leggings Review

Mertailor Eco Tails review

Mertailor Eco Tail

Mertailor Rates 4.2 out of 5 

The MerTailor EcoTail has great fabric and fits well. The colors are amazing! The monofin has a unique shape but is smaller and not as comfortable as others on the market. The monofin is also not as easy to insert but once on fits well in the fabric tail. It also has doubled up fabric at the end of the flukes to prevent tearing which is really helpful. The price is slightly higher so if you are looking to buy, it depends on what you are going for. For photography or pool swimming I think this is great choice! For ocean swimming, I would go with a larger monofin.


Mertailor Kids tails

Mertailor kids tails

Mertailor Tops

Mertailor Top