Mermaid and Fish Scale Tile Ideas for 2018

January 10, 2018

Fish scale tile

Get out of the way boring square and subway tile! Make way for mermaid and fish scale tile. This shape is popping up unexpectedly in all sorts of spaces and us mer-folk couldn’t be more excited. Also known as scalloped pattern, you can find these now on walls, floors, kitchen back splashes, and even outdoors.

These tiles come in two main sizes (large and small), but the colors are endless. You can combine pastel tiles with a metallic cabinetry in your kitchen, or add a bold mermaid colored wall in your bathroom.  Makes you think about replacing that old cracked tile doesn’t it!

Check out the fun ideas below to get your creative juices flowing.  Let me know which one you like the best!

Mermaid Kitchen Backsplash tile ideas

The kitchen backsplash is a focal point and gives you an opportunity to express your personality for all who enter your home.  Us mermaids can express our creative sides with color and class.

Solid Teal Kitchen Backsplash tile

This teal color pops with any type of wood and particularly well with white appliances and brass accents.

Solid GreyKitchen Backsplash tile

The neutral color grey adds a subtle and modern feel. The gift of grey goes great with black or white so the cabinetry or hardware could be either! Winning!

Dark Kitchen Backsplash tile

I love a black and white kitchen!  With a deeper color of back splash you can have lighter wood and white cabinets. It also matches with everything so if you already have a color scheme it wouldn’t throw things off!

Green Kitchen Backsplash tile

Feels like an island paradise with this green tile. This is a bold extroverted color that says “This is where the parties at!” Come one, come all mermaids and lets have a good time.

Multi color Kitchen Backsplash tile

A speckled mermaid pattern adds a whimsical energy to any room and says “Lets mix things up shall we?”

 White and colored Ombre Kitchen Backsplash tile

Love this eye catching ombre look of colored and white tiles. A wave like illustration which lasts the test of time. Love the white and wood mix. Well done!

 Solid White bar Backsplash tile


Personally, white is the classiest choice for tiles. Whether you do a white or black grout it matches with any wood or appliance but I have to say this lighter wood is looking really good!  Makes any room feel open and fresh.

Shell inspired Kitchen Backsplash tile

This tile hand crafted genuine mother of pearl! A neutral color that has a nice shine and texture to you wall.

mermaid Bathroom tile ideas

The bathroom is the most natural place to have tile. Floor to ceiling, you have a canvas to express your personality and desired tone.

Mosaic bathroom floor tile

A beautiful scalloped pattern mosaic floor reminds me of the ancient roman baths.

 modern Morocco Bathroom wall tile

Large fish scale tiles add a peaceful and simplistic look. What a pleasant and spacious atmosphere.

 Green bathroom Tile wall

A solid green wall for those ready to make a bold statement.  This green blue and yellow tile has a warm and loving essence. Who ever walks in this room will know your love for mermaids.

Blue on Blue bathroom shower Tile

Studies have shown that blues and greens in bathrooms associate with sky or bodies of water, adding a tranquil and smooth atmosphere. Easier on the eyes than a brighter warmer color. This is perfect for a mermaid bathroom.

Accent tub tile

A creative space I wouldn’t have thought of. If you have a built in bathtub why not add a mermaid accent.

Pattern Teal bathroom Tile wall

Memorizing pattern of blue scales in a modern bathroom. This cherry wood looks great!

Bathroom mirror Wall tile

Most houses has a guest bathroom with just a toilet. Why not add some creative tile to the mirror wall. Adds depth, class and texture to the small room.

Good luck on your project!

I hope this post has inspired you for a fun new change! The cost of tile can be expensive so do some research!
Basic fish scale tile is around $23 a square foot.
9.5"x9.85" Carrara White Grand Fish Scale Fan Shaped Mosaic Tile Polished

$23.06 a square foot

Smaller scales

Carrara Medium Fish Scale Fan-Shaped Mosaic Tile, Honed White, 12"x12"

$22.99 a Square foot

Comment below and tell me about your remodeling adventures!

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